I'm Alive Because of Your Helmet

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Recently we got an unbelievable story from our customer Liz Sorenson. Below is what she said.

On September 16, 2016 , I was about 13 days into a cross county bike right from California to Florida, I was doing the ride to said money for Multiple Sclerosis. I was riding on a busy mountains highway in Arizona with my team. I had fall in somewhere between the pack and was in an area alone at the time. While riding down the mountain a pick up truck with a trailer attacked came by and I recall the trailer swiping over at me. After that I dont remember much. But when I woke up in the hospital I was told I had been thrown from my bike at around 60mph and I hit the back of my head on the concrete road Barrier on the side on the road. I ended up fracturing my pelvis, breaking my nose though the skin and had blood on my brain. Even with the helmet I needed 16 stitches on the back of my head. But the police told my father that if I didnt have my helmet on Id not be alive today.

Thank Goodness, she is fine now. Life is so precious.

She also told us she is back to running races and traveling the world. In the past she has went to Iceland, Poland, Germany, Brussels, Frances, Amsterdam and Ireland, and she plan to go to Thailand and Vietnam in the next year. So for her, life is pretty much back to normal now.

Gonex aim to provide the best quality for the sports and outdoors lovers. So don’t hesitate to see the world with your eye, listen to the world with your heart. And don’t worry, Gonex will be with you for everywhere.

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